Hi all, this is Yvonne from Wine, Wellness and a Wonderful Life.  First of all let me say I am honored to be a guest blogger here at 100 Days, 100 Wines for Meza Wine Shop!  I had a love of wine when I met Tatjana and Jason, but I have learned so much more about wine since getting to know them!
After a couple of trips to California’s wine counrty, I have acquired a taste for some higher end wines.  So when I find a wine for $19.99 that keeps me coming back, I get really excited.  In a blind tasting I would never have believed the price.  It is a wonderful Napa Valley blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Tempranillo and Grenache.  To me, smelling wine is almost (yes, I said almost!) as good as tasting it.  This wine doesn’t have a nose to match the palate in my opinion.  It does give off some nice fruit including blueberries and blackberries but upon tasting, it is a wonderfully balanced wine with lots of jam up front and a nice smooth finish.  You will get hits of cocoa and espresso, which I love.  I would call this a very lush wine…and again, superbly balanced…in other words very easy drinking!
So the next time you are in Meza, ask Tatjana for a bottle of Highflyer Centerline Napa Valley Red Blend.  I am willing to bet you won’t be sorry you took the plunge!