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This is one of those completely gorgeous wines that you may not pick up right off the bat without a little guidance, a big reason why I chose if for today’s post. It needs to be seen and heard….and tasted! The label is a bit mystifying –  the region of Valancey is within the Loire Valley but actually found along the Cher river, rather than the Loire River as most of the Loire wine regions. Typically you will only see Sauvignon Blanc produced here of white varietals.

This wine is 100% Sauvignon Blanc, yet it shows a real softness and roundness on the finish which almost makes you think there is something else blended in there. Citrus, some pear, and some floral notes on the nose. Really fresh and inviting. You get lots of that pretty citrus fruit (orange), on the palate along with the pear and hints of citrus zest. Good acidity and a totally mouth-watering appeal. The finish is smooth and has a slight creaminess to it. I literally haven’t been able to stop thinking about this wine since I tasted it! I am sure it helps that the weather is 60 degrees in February in Ohio and I am thinking about the end of the summer when I will finally be able to indulge in wine again. <<SIGH>>

It’s under $20 – a great wine to serve with any sort of seafood, or with light appetizers. Your guests will be thanking you for introducing them to something cool and new.