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We’ve been featuring this tasty little treat for the upcoming holiday (yes, love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is next up), and while it is really tasty, it has also proven to be a bit mysterious. Most of us have never heard of Fragolino. I for one hadn’t, until recently when I tried this wine. I have found after doing a bit of research that Fragolino is an Italian grape varietal that derives its name from the Italian word for strawberry – fragola. With good reason – once poured the intense aroma of fresh strawberries is very apparent. The color is the other thing that is really striking – imagine mashing up a bowl full of ripe raspberries.Pretty, light, bubbly and fresh with that sweet but not too sweet allure that keeps you coming back for another glass!

A fun little wine to pop open if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Having a girls night instead?! Again, pretty delicious option. So either way you sort of can’t go wrong.