First blog post in quite some time, the holidays always do this to me! It’s such a whirlwind in the world of retail and before you know it, its January. Not that I am complaining about a busy holiday season! Amidst all the holiday chaos this year, we are experiencing some other additional excitement in our family – we are expecting our second baby in August! Jason and I are both beyond excited (as is big sister to be – Laila), but this does pose the question of how will I do my job?!

The answer is in the bucket.

The dump bucket (or now affectionately known as the spit bucket). Sorry it’s not very glamorous to say the least. However the show must go on – there are many great wines to taste and explore and while my husband can do his share to taste and explore, the ultimate decision is on my shoulders of what exciting new wines will line our shelves, and as we get ready to start our glass pours, etc… there are many decisions to be made! So from now through August I will be “tasting” (and spitting) all of these wonderful wines, in an effort to bring our customers what they want!

In the mean time, we are taking this wine drinking hiatus to read more – learn more – plan more wine related trips for the future. Not drinking wine doesn’t mean I don’t get to enjoy it!

We will be starting a new blog series – 100 Days, 100 Wines. There are so many exciting, hidden gems in our store – new wines we are bringing in, and what better way to get the info to you than to do a brief blog post on each wine, what we love about it, what we would serve it with (if anything at all). They may not be exactly consecutive – but they will be consistent, and a great way to easily reference what is new and fun and on our radar!

So check out our first post, coming soon!!