A long time ago our family lived on a small farm in northern Croatia. Vineyards on the rolling hills were a part of the family farm and every year the vineyards were tended to and new wine was made.  As we moved away from the farm some of the wine passion was gone but still part of our life and always present on the table, although store bought.

After immigrating to this country in early 70’s, and wine popularity falling far behind beer,  my father and I  decided to renew the old tradition and started making wine.  It took a while to remember old recipes and acquire the wine making tools, in those days mostly through garage sales of some of the ethnic neighborhoods.  Every year was better and the love for wine and the old ways came back.  A sense of tradition was re-awakened.  The wine season was time to spend together with my father endlessly crushing and pressing grapes and preparing the wine for the following season. As my kids grew they started helping dad and granddad, it was a real family affair.

By now, at it for over 30 years, it become a part of my life, looking forward to each new season and new vintage.  In addition to the sense of accomplishment, there is nothing more satisfying than opening a bottle of homemade wine for dinner or sharing it with friends.  I love the store bought wines too, each one with special character, but always enjoy the private cellar ones.

As my dad is no longer with us, the tradition continues and is slowly being passed to my children.

Vito Miling

Meza Supporter / Part Owner / Dad Extrordinare