With Mother’s Day fast approaching I’ve been thinking about the kind of gifts that are expected from our husbands and kids and wondering if wine even fits into this category.
Is an exceptional bottle of Pinot Noir or a gorgeous, creamy Chardonnay a good gift for a mom? Um – hello? Most definitely!

We all enjoy receiving flowers or jewelry, without a doubt, and any assistance from the dads with hand made gifts and trinkets from our kids is always the most meaningful part of the day. Those are the gifts we will treasure and keep in a keepsake album and tear up over when the kids are old enough to drive. Wine may not be the obvious choice here, but there is a lot to be said for a bottle of wine for a well deserving, hard working mama.

Its not just a bottle of wine. Yeah the wine will taste good (hopefully it will taste great as long as you are choosing something that fits with her taste and that you didn’t chose the wine solely based on some cutesy label. Not that it can’t be cute, but ask a professional about what the wine is really like.) However its more than just the wine itself. A bottle of wine is showing her that you understand what she goes through every day – from the endless loads of laundry to a stressful day at work, toting the kids to soccer practice and ballet lessons, park outings, scraped knees, shopping with a toddler on the run and the feeling that there are not enough hours in the day between family and work and friends and errands that won’t run themselves. It’s telling her to sit down, kick back, relax, take a long bubble bath, and enjoy a little indulgence.

Along with that nice bottle of wine, maybe you can take care of dinner while you are at it. Now for some with wives that are control freaks when it comes to their kitchen, this may not go over so well, in which case it is totally acceptable to bring home her favorite Thai takeout, get the kids bathed and in bed and surprise her with a great bottle of Cab that she can relax with and enjoy.