Our front table is filled to the brim in hues of pink…….wine that is. No it’s not sweet – which if it was that would be perfectly fine too. But we are taking a stand for pink and DRY Rose wines that for so long have been under the radar and are now hot new, still somewhat undiscovered ticket.

What’s so great about them? To any wine enthusiast or wine geek, the best Rose is a combination of fruity and savory. Savory in regards to wine may sound scary……savory like what, bacon?! No. Not quite. Think herbal. Think sage. Think how refreshing it is to enjoy a Mojito with a sprig of fresh mint. That’s basically the idea. Pleasant fruit flavor upon first sip (strawberry, watermelon, raspberry….I mean come on, totally says summer) but then that whole herbal / savory thing kicks in and instead of a punch of sweetness, you get dry, clean and crisp on the finish. Think freshly pressed white button front shirts kind of crisp.

We are loving the range – Rose wines made from Grenache, Syrah, even Sangiovese. All different hues from pale pink to robust berry. The possibilities are endless. Pair with brunch, bbq, pulled / smoked / cured anything. Cheeses or all types, fruit, quiches, tarts, chicken, fish, etc….etc…. Or just pick a gorgeous summer night, sit out on your patio, open a chilled bottle with your man friends, kick back, and enjoy! Just because it’s pink does not make it a chick drink. In the words of winemaker Charles Smith – ” Yes, you can drink Rose and still be BAD ASS.”