We are excited to now be using our previous home of Rossi Pasta for a new featured wines of the month display table! The idea for this coming from two different areas – for one, we can highlight things that are new and that we are really excited about! We taste so many great wines and we do mix things up within our assortment and we wanted to take the opportunity to give those wines their time in the limelight and make it easier for our customers to check out what is on our radar right now.

The second part to this is that my background is in visual merchandising and Jason is big into design, and  we get kind of geeked out about stuff like this. We like the boutique feel of showcasing wine in this way. As our customers know we like to constantly change things up in here – part of that is a learning process and part of it is because we want them to always get to experience something new and inviting.

So whats on the feature table for the month of February?

Some pretty amazing deals! Here is what wines we are obsessing over this month:


2007 Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon (4 Bears Winery)

We cannot get enough of this Cab! Family owned and operated winery – four cute little blonde kids (hence the name 4Bears), Napa Valley fruit. Gorgeous Cab for under $20!

Dark blackberry and raspberry flavors, cassis, some chocolatey notes – velvety finish. We think this one scores big time with anyone looking for a Cab that over delivers on the price.  ($17)

2007 Sansovino Vignetti e Cantine Raboso

I immediatly fell in love with this little Italian gem – from the Corti Benedettine del Padovano DOC in Veneto. The grapes are picked once they are fully ripe and then dried indoors ( a similar process is used in making Amarone). The result is a dry, elegant red wine with flavors of cherry, vanilla and dried fruit and soft tannins. The label is a rendering of a piece of artwork dating back to the 16th century.  This would be a great bottle to enjoy with just some chards of Parmigiano Reggiano or with a hearty pasta dish. All of this for the amazing price of just $10 a bottle!! Wanting to explore Italian wine – this is a great way to start! ($10)

2008 Descendientes de jose Palcios “Petalos”

We are all about the interesting wines that go beyond the more commonly known varietals. I mean I love Cab and Chardonnay as much as the next person but with so many different types of wines out there its great to explore. This wine is made from the Mencia grape in the Bierzo region of Spain. I love all the layers it shows – dark fruit, bright cherry, black tea, spice….. very unique. Its bold and full bodied, smooth, intense. Those looking to step out of the box and try something new – this is a winner! For those into “scores” from the big guys – Robert Parker gave this wine 90 pts. For those that don’t care – its still a kick ass wine. ($20)