I had the pleasure of tasting with one of my wine reps today along with a dear friend of mine who loves wine as much as I do. Kindred spirits if you will. She has a great blog where she talks about her passions which include wine, working out and her over all love and zest for life and I love reading the posts because they are so personal and inspiring.  I can really get a sense of not only the type of wine she is discussing but also about her as an individual. So today I thought I would take a cue from her, and make this post a little more personal.

I get a lot of people asking me  where did my love of wine come from?   I like to think that it is sort of in bred in me, and the enjoyment I take in entertaining, in good, home made food and good wine stems from my family. They are my core, and while I grew up here in Ohio, I was raised very much in the Serbian culture that they created in our home. Sausage made and dried in our basement across broom sticks, wine being made in the fall, and “Sljivovica” or plum brandy being bubbled and boiled in our garage by my grandpa each year. It may have seemed odd during my younger years (and ever so slightly embarrassing), but now these things are something I look to with pride. I know you can quickly and easily make a cake from a box mix and that it will be good. From my parents I have learned though, that the best things are those that you make yourself, with time and pride and enjoyment for what you are doing. Wine is something that takes time, pride and enjoyment to make…..and it is about family.

I think this is a lot of where my love for wine stems from. I love learning about it, entertaining with it, enjoying it with friends. I have many favorite styles and varietals,  but I don’t discriminate. The greatest thing about having the wine shop,  is that even though some days it’s scary or overwhelming, there is always more to learn and more new wine to enjoy.