While I am entitling this post “Girly Wines” this is really in regards to the beautiful labels and artwork, the wines themselves are both flavorful and sophisticated – while still maintaining elegance.

The quality is completely there in my opinion and I will give you a brief description below, but I love these labels as they make great gifts for someone who wants a wine with a more feminine touch. The Bridesmaid wines make a beautiful gift for those in your bridal party (for you brides to be). The Four Graces label I just find artistically beautiful – elegant and simple, and a really heartfelt touch – the winemaker has the names of his four daughters ( his “Four Graces”) running across the top of the bottle. I just think it’s a special touch that is both sentimental and feminine.

2009 Four Graces Pinot Gris (Dundee Hills, Oregon)

This is by far my favorite Pinot Gris we have on our shelves because unlike some of our other Pinot Gris or some of the Italian Pinot Grigio that we stock, this is a full bodied wine, in my opinion. intensely aromatic and layered with flavor. You seem to get pear, granny smith apple and a touch of citrus on the palate, and sort of silkier, rounder finish. I would serve this with anything from a roast chicken or fish dish or even with pork. Truly outstanding value for the price point as well ( which is about $16).

2009 Bridesmaid White Wine

So this is a real step up from some of your typical California Sauv Blancs. Some Semillon is blended in to add a bit more complexity, while the Sauvignon Blanc still gives it that freshness. You taste peach and melon on the palate and a touch of minerality on the finish – such a nice, crisp, clean white that is nice to just sip but also to serve with light appetizers, crudite, oysters…etc… With such a nice, light wine, and such a beautiful and appropriate package, this makes an ideal wine to serve at a shower or bridal luncheon!