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While we have still been trying to post on Facebook and keep people informed about our tastings, we actually were doing that from sunny CA! Jason and I had the most wonderful opportunity to stay at the Michel-Schlumberger Winery in Dry Creek Valley (Sonoma) and spent 3 days in beautiful wine country. We can’t say enough about the wonderful accommodations and hospitality of the nice people at Michel-Schlumberger as well as the other wineries we visited.

Now on to the real goods…How was the wine?!? On our way in we did a little detour through Napa since that was where we had honeymooned and thought it would be nice to relive some memories. We did manage to eat at La Corona in St. Helena again…..arguably the BEST Mexican food outside of Mexico! We made some stops at different wineries, and then got on the road through Sonoma to where we were staying. I can say now with certainty that while we loved our previous stay in Napa and greatly enjoyed the area – that we are Sonoma people at heart. I can’t describe the vast beauty and amazing feats of nature that are abound there, and the vibe that we experienced with everyone we encountered, from the wine makers to the winery staff was great. A much more “family style” approach than what we experienced in Napa. We actually felt like we could really identify with some of the winery owners – wine makers…..all passionate about their business and about wine in general, trying to get their feet firmly planted in the soil.

Here are some highlights from the trip in regards to wineries – you will for sure be seeing some of these labels on our shelves in the next week or two so you can try them for yourselves!!

Grgich Hills Winery (Napa Valley)

We stopped here on our slight detour through Napa – I have tasted some of their wines but not all, but have purchased them for

my dad who is Croation ( as is the winemaker/owner of Grgich). We fell in LOVE with the Fume Blanc – so aromatic, intense and citrusy and very complex. What we ended up purchasing however was the 2007 Grgich Hills Zinfandel – we loved the softer style of this Zin. Not overdone in alcohol content, balanced and full of lush berry and plum favors. Total win and one that we will for sure stock, along with possibly the Fume Blanc. These wines said nothing but quality to us.

St. Francis Winery (Sonoma)

We popped by St. Francis after a very long and SCARY ride over Mount Hood from Napa to Sonoma. We got a glass of wine and got to relax on their AMAZING tasting deck overlooking the mountain and the gorgeous landscape. I enjoyed a glass of the Behler Vineyard Chardonnay which was a wonderful balance of oak and tropical fruit. I cannot stress enough that if you are in this area, this is a must see winery. The view is serene and the tasting deck is perfect for relaxing and soaking in the amazing beauty of this area in Sonoma.

Kokomo Vineyards (Dry Creek Valley)

This was such an amazing and fun experience for Jason and I – visiting Kokomo VIneyards. Mainly because we loved the staff and meeting the winemaker who was close to our ages and you could tell, someone who enjoyed what he does, loved wine and was not opposed to hard work. It was a great vibe and the wines were KILLER. We literally swooned over their soon to be released Merlot and loved the Zin and Pinot and Kokomo Cuvee.

Michel-Schlumberger Winery (Dry Creek Valley)

Besides having a special place in our hearts for Michel -Schlumberger for their amazing hospitality and beautiful grounds where we were so graciously put up for two nights – we loved the wines and fell into a deep love with the means by which they are made. We were lucky enough to take a tour of the vineyard where they grow several varietals, including some not exactly expected in the area. Due to the intricate micro climate of this area, they are able to grow grapes organically, taking very close care to ensure that each varietal is grown in the perfect spot, receiving the correct amount of sun and wind and rain.

The Pinot Blanc was an instant favorite. I loved the way the President of M. Schlumberger described it – as his “mail opening’ wine. The perfect wine to unwind with after a super long day. Floral, Fragrant and balanced.

Our absolute favorite was the Michel-Schlumberger was the the “La Source” Syrah. This wine opened with the most intense, unusual nose of smoked meat and bacon that was so intriguing. Once it opened up the nose opened up into nothing but intense blueberry and dark berry notes. Big, black fruit with a gorgeous balance of spicy notes. You will come back again and again for this wine.