Tonight is the Fourth Friday festival in Westerville and we always take a break from our regularly scheduled, every so slightly more formal tastings to do some $1 tastings  of some of the great values we house in the store. I had a little refresher course on this particular red that we are pouring this evening and I IM’d my husband immediately to ask him ” Why do we not drink this at home more often” ! The truth is I tasted it quite a while ago and really enjoyed it and put it on the shelves but we taste a lot of different wine and I had been drinking mainly whites for a while. I have to say though, this is a really tasty little red for a pretty killer $8.99 price tag!

The 2004 Anciano Reserva Tempranillo is a medium bodied Tempranillo from the Valdepenas region of Spain. I get loads of bright, tart cherry flavors. Even with the aging on this bottle it is still bright and fresh tasting. A touch of earthiness and softer tannins – I think this is a great wine for chicken dishes, especially with some  grilled chicken and black bean fajitas ( which I made last weekend for my husbands birthday and we may be revisiting them this weekend as well).

I like the sort of simple, rustic label, and it comes in a gold wire netting that actually makes it even cooler. Not a bad way to spend a 10 dollar bill if you ask me.