It has been HOT out. Not just hot but humid….like rainforest humid. On days like this I think most of us are looking for something light and refreshing, not some oaky, heavy wine but something we can enjoy and entertain with that will squelch the heat and quench our thirst.

I love this 2009 Arca Nova Vino Verde for this particular point in the summer – when the temperatures climb and I want something low in alcohol and with a touch of effervescence. Portugal’s “green wine” – hence the name Vino Verde, is the perfect wine for picnics, outdoor parties, as a pre dinner drink ( you can have it pre dinner, with dinner and after dinner really….the lower alcohol levels permit for a bit more indulgence).

The 2009 Arca Nova is fresh and vibrant – light bodied and dry. Flavors of green apple and lemon on the palate and a refreshing spritz on the finish. This is a great wine to serve alone or with light seafood dishes, ceviche, vegetarian dishes or with sushi.

Come check it out – the super low under $9 price point makes it a no brainer for summer.