I realize that not everyone is on the bandwagon of drinking sparkling wine and champagne as just a cocktail of choice or with dinner, however it really is becoming sort of the up and coming trend and with good reason: Bubbles are FUN!

I mean who doesn’t like a little bubbly?! It just sort of evokes a light hearted, fun, sexy sort of vibe and with so much bubbly being out there now that is actually affordable, you can incorporate it into your regular entertaining and not just stash it for New Years.

I was pretty excited to try out this sparkler from the Gruet winery in New Mexico. Yes…..you heard me right. They are making killer sparkling wines made in the traditional Champagne method – with French wine makers to boot! While they produce about 7 different varieties of sparkling wine we chose to feature the Brut at our last tasting and were quick to discover that for under $20, this was really good bubbly. Dry, crisp and clean – bubbles that weren’t too harsh. Just the nice, smooth sparkling wine you could enjoy for pre dinner cocktails or for your next girls night. Plus I love their moto: Celebrate Life. We don’t need a special occasion have a little bubbly.