I was super excited when I tried this wine because it definitely exceeded my expectations especially at this ridiculously low price point of $10.  I mean considering that a lot of times in restaurants you are paying close to $10 for a glass of mediocre wine, to find a wine that is $10/bottle that is really solid is in my book a win.

This Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the Languedoc region of France; a project between the Espitalet des Anges estate winery  and oenologist Jeff Carrel, that has taken many by surprise. The resulting wine is full bodied, with beautiful flavors and notes of dark chocolate, rosemary and blackberry. It is concentrated, yet fresh. To sum it up, it’s a damn good Cab for $10.

Check out this review of the 2008 vintage of Villa des Anges Cabernet Sauvignon by one of our favorite wine geeks, Gary Vaynerchuck on Wine Library TV. (Copy and paste link into your browser)


If you are looking to try something different I would recommend this Cab over several of the California Cabs on our shelves. This is a definite winner.