Little did we know that French wine could actually be affordable…..or dare I say…..inexpensive. I recently added to our assortment two new wines, both French, that show us that it is possible to find values for every day enjoyment coming from this area.

2008 Domaine Sainte Eugenie “Le Clos”

This was an astonishing find! Domaine Sainte Eugenie is located in the district of Fontfroide in the Corbieres region of France, somewhere between the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean sea. This meritage of Merlot, Cabernet, Grenache and Carignan is an exceptional value – bright red berry fruit with a good amount of  spice on the palate. It was fresh and has a perky acidity, which makes this a great food wine. This would be great to pair with anything from pork tenderloin to lamb and even with a classic boeuf bourguignon. Here is the kicker. At only $9 it is a phenomenal value – no one said you had to break the bank to enjoy wines as the French do.

2008 Mas Carlot “Les Enfants Terribles”

Mas Carlot is situated in the Southern Rhone Valley, in the appelation of Costières de Nîmes. While winemaking in this area dates back thousands of years, it is more recently being recognized due to the influx of young winemakers and their modern techniques, who are focusing on the quality and bringing that back to the wines of the region.

The winemaker for Mas Carlot is Nathalie Blanc-Mares – her inspiration behind the name “Les Enfants Terribles” was from the recollection of a a day when they were discussing the possible names for the wines and her three children ran about yelling and causing a commotion.

This wine is a 50/50 blend of Mouvedre and Syrah, varietals classic to this area. It is dark in color, rich, fruit forward and elegant with a pretty spice and vanilla component  on the finish. Its medium in body with loads of dark berry fruit. I thought this was a pretty great offering at a price point of $13. definitely worth trying – a great wine to serve with food or really just to enjoy on its own.