The great thing about a small shop like ours is the opportunity to hand sell wines to customers who would normally have not known about them or heard of them. There is in fact a whole, huge, amazing wine world out there beyond the big box names we have gotten so accustom to seeing at the grocery store. One of my most challenging wines to sell have been Rose. Why? Don’t really know…….it’s almost hard for people to figure out “who” do they belong to? White drinkers? Red drinkers?  Many Rose wines have had the connotation of being sweet…..along the lines of a White Zin. While these sweeter “blush” wines totally have their place in the market – for those that love a nice, sweeter wine, they are the perfect summertime drink. However, for those that enjoy dry wines, or are red wine drinkers, a dry Rose is the answer.

For myself – someone who drinks predominantly drier reds and whites, there are some Roses that really fit my palate and are a natural transition to a summer wine. The few carefully selected Roses we carry are dry and crisp – a few have a bit more spunk, with some added fruit flavor. They are not syrupy or sweet, and really have a strong place in the wine world.
Rose wines actually remind me of my grandfather  – his years spent making an enjoying wine were much of what inspired my family’s love of wine.  I can remember in the last few years he would “lighten” up his wines with a big of seltzer or water… make his own sort of dry “rose”.  Some big, sophisticated wine connoisser he was not. However he loved making wine with my dad – a past time that bonded them, and he loved to sit and sip on his wine, and to enjoy the company of family. So maybe my affinity for Rose comes from those warm memories of him – but I can without a doubt say that the few that have found their way on to  our shelves have left an impression and are truly elegant and enticing.

Some of our Fav Rose Picks: ( well….this week at least)

2008 Montes Cherub Rose

Besides this totally cute little Cherub on the label, this is a good pick. I like it because while it is dry and elegant, you still get that pretty strawberry flavor and a little kick of spice.

2007 Red Cotes Rose

Ok this may be one for the dry and sweet lovers alike. Not that it is sweet….but you get a LOT of fruity flavors from this one. The most unusual being blood orange which I just thought was really different and fun. Check this out – it was names one of the Top 10 Brunch Wines on

2008 Commanderie de la Bargemone Rose

French and DRY! You get light strawberry flavor along with a some herbal flavors. This one may be a more refined choice….nice also for brunch.