This Friday night we will be exploring some wines from Sonoma County. The really cool thing about this event is that all of these wines are new to Meza. I like using the tastings as an opportunity to see what people like, what they don’t like….what the favorites are. Most often the big winners from the tastings are what end up taking up residence on our shelves.  I am particularly excited about the Chalk Hill Chardonnay we will be tasting at the event. This is a very classic style of Chardonnay to this area……lots of vibrant fruit flavors of peach, pear, etc… and a big, creamy finish. You almost get a touch of vanilla or spice to it which is really nice. I definitely have a a wide variety of wines that I enjoy…..I’m not specific to one style or varietal, but I do love a nice, rich Chardonnay  from time to time and this is right up my alley.

I can see the Hideaway Creek Cab also becoming a fan favorite. It has a lot of rich flavor and a nice, smooth finish. I think this is a really great wine at a value for those who are looking for that staple California Cabernet.

For those of you that have been to our tasting events before, you have probably met Joel, one of our trusty sales reps and a good buddy of ours. He is always a fun addition to the tastings, and will be pouring for us this Friday!