Best new springtime wine on our shelves ( and by new we are referring to the new vintage) is the 2009 Kung Fu Girl Riesling.  You probably won’t be surprised by this considering this wine is coming from one of our fav winemakers, Charles Smith. However Riesling is typically not my thing. Why is this different? Well besides the kick ass graphic label and the fun name, this is a drier style of Riesling that leans more towards refreshing and clean than sweet. It has a distinct minerality – almost an everygreen type essence that makes it unlike your typical Riesling.

What causes this? The grapes are grown in the Evergreen Vineyard of  Columbia Valley ( Washington State) and due to the gravely soils and cooler climate, the growing conditions are perfect for this style of Riesling. I think this wine shows a great balance, and has an elegance and restraint that you do not tend to get at this price point.

Anyway, without any further ranting, this is a MUST try for spring time….for sushi….for stir fry…..for anytime.