We have added three new wines to our shelves from the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. A bit out of the ordinary, yes, but they won’t be for long. This area has in recent years began attracting the attention of movie stars and travel junkies alike, as a vacation hot spot. Our hunch is that it will also be an up and coming area for wine production attracting attention of wine aficionados and wine novices. I am currently enjoying a glass of Kastalet red wine from Istria, C. A little research has taught me that this wine is made from some local Croatian varietals such as Vranac and Plavac Mali and is apparently a highly regarded wine in Eastern Europe. The fresh fruit flavors remind me of an Italian Dolcetto. Definitely dry, but with bright red fruit and soft tannins. I could see serving this with anything from pasta in a red sauce, to pork, veal or lamb. Very versatile, but unique. A great wine to bring along to dinner party where you will impress your friends with your interesting selection. Cheers!