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I don’t know Charles Smith personally. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him. My only connection comes through the wine he produces. And that connection is pretty damn tasty.

From the apple notes in the Kung Fu Girl Reisling to the punch in the mouth of the Boom Boom Syrah, his wines deliver. While he has some higher priced selections, the ones shown above in the picture are more moderately priced and will give any wine collection a little extra cool cache.

My favorite thing about these wines is that they are drink now… which is how the wife and I consume wine. I’m all for collecting and waiting and all that jazz but when it’s time to kick back and just enjoy the taste of some Washington State grapes, this is my choice.

Check out Charles’ story at his website: http://www.charlessmithwines.com/

And don’t be confused… he may look like Sammy Hagar but he doesn’t make tequila… just really good wine…